Best 4 Affiliate Marketing Conferences of 2023

Rana Hassan

Feb 22, 2023

Best 4 Affiliate Marketing Conferences
Best 4 Affiliate Marketing Conferences
Best 4 Affiliate Marketing Conferences

Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly and fiercely in the industry. Accordingly, there are a huge number of affiliate marketing conferences & events happening all over the world to help understand more about this growing industry and how to benefit from it. All these conferences and events are great opportunities for learning and gaining industry knowledge as well as networking and creating valuable and profitable connections with world wide affiliates. 

Due to the fact that these events are usually not free of charge (for advertisers, providers and the likes - affiliates however can usually attend for free), you must create an extensive research to understand which affiliate marketing conference is the most beneficial and best serves your needs. 

To save you and your brand the long hours of research we have accumulated the top affiliate marketing conferences that you should definitely be part of in 2023. But before we get started let us explain why these conferences are worth the investment. 

Why attend affiliate marketing events?

Affiliate marketing events are structured as conferences where attendees get the chance to hear from industry experts and grow their knowledge widely. Such topics cover industry trends to watch for, tactics and strategies to succeed, and promotion of products and services.

Moreover, affiliate marketing events usually include workshops with the goal to help you connect with brands and affiliates within the industry. More reasons why affiliate marketing events are great for your business are as follows:

  1. Meeting new affiliates

  2. Learn tactics & techniques from industry experts

  3. Gives you the chance to create a more focused business strategy

4 Must attend affiliate marketing conferences

  1. Affiliate World Dubai

Happening on 1st and 2nd of March 2023, Affiliate World Dubai will take place in the United Arab Emirates. During these 2 days, attendees will get the chance to hear from today’s industry experts, including New York Times bestselling author Neil Patel, Simpleology CEO Mark Joyner, A4D Performance Network CEO Jason Akatiff among many others. As an affiliate, you will also get the opportunity to engage with top affiliate networks in the region including CPX Affiliate. Know more about CPX on the link below  

  1. LeadsCon

In case you missed Affiliate World Dubai, LeadsCon is taking place just a few days after it from March 13 to March 15 at Las Vegas, NV. 

LeadsCon is focused on lead generation and customer acquisition while touching points on conversion tactics. Thus this conference is curated to power brand growth through using the right affiliate marketing efforts. With 2,500 attendees and over 30 different workshops in 2022, this year’s LeadsCon is expecting a big turnout within its three days making it one of the most important conferences of the year. 

  1. TES Affiliate Conference

Tes Affiliate Conference will take place in Cascais, Portugal from 22nd to 25th of February 2023. The event will gather more than 1,000 affiliate marketing professionals with varied knowledge starting from ecommerce and gaming to health and dating. This 3 day event will definitely be a golden opportunity to get access to networking sessions, presentations, workshops and develop great connections.

  1.  Affiliate Huddle

If you are looking for a conference that isn’t large scale and inexpensive, then Affiliate Huddle 2023 might be the one you need to attend. While being the only free affiliate conference on the list, Affiliate Huddle is taking place in Brighton, United Kingdom during April 19, 2023.

Powered by brightonSEO, the main focus and aim of the conference is to help brands and affiliate networks make connections, in addition to some industry experts that speak about crucial topics related to the affiliate marketing industry. 

Unlike the rest of the events on this list, Affiliate Huddle is having a more refined crowd due to it being exclusively dedicated to affiliate marketing. Hence, if your brand is looking for a more immersed experience then Affiliate Huddle is the one to consider. 

To Conclude

In this digital age we live in, there are a lot of conferences and events that one can attend online. However, these online conferences fail to deliver the same networking opportunities or knowledge gain that one can have during in-person events. Hence, it is only vital to be able to invest the time and effort necessary to attend such marketing events that could turnout profitable for your  brand.